Paper Dinosaur's Zazzle Store Builder Builder

Zazzle Store Builder Builder
Paper Dinosaur's Zazzle Store Builder Builder (ZSBB) allows you to generate Zazzle product grids, download PHP snippets, and create a full custom install ZIP file of the Zazzle Store Builder PHP script from

For more information on what this all means, please visit the
official Zazzle Store Builder page.

Current Version: Zazzle Store Builder v1.5
More info: README.txt

1. Configure your store

Limit to this store:
(blank for all stores)
Associate ID:
Keywords (search):
Product type:
Store category ID:
Thumbnail size:
Grid spacing (pixels):
# of products per row:
Total # of products:
Start on what page?
Thumbnail BG color:
Show title?
Description: Show description
Use short description?
Show seller name?
Show price?
Show pagination links?
Show sort links?
Default sort:
Google Analytics: Enable Google Analytics
Caching: Enable local caching
Cache lifetime:
Grid layout: Use fluid layout
Product Page Options
Use Product Page Link to artist in breadcrumb?
Meta description (SEO):
Meta keywords (SEO):
Show Twitter stream (SEO) Show embed code
Embed link text:
Embed store URL:
Main store link:
Store link text:
Show recommendations How many:
Recommendations title:
Use friendly URL's (requires .htaccess file)
Custom Feed (your hand picked products)
Path to custom feed XML file:

2. Preview your store

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